Proposals for 3.0.0 API changes

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Mon Dec 31 11:06:33 EST 2007

* Will Thompson had this to say on [31 Dec 2007, 15:07:23 +0000]:
> One thing I'd like to happen for libpurple 3 is to make the request and
> notification APIs more friendly for telepathy-haze and similar UIs which
> can't just throw up a dialog box with arbitrary text and buttons.

Is there something that explains how telepathy-haze interacts with
libpurple, e.g., how accounts are managed, plugin preferences are
presented to the user etc.

> Ideally, requests and notifications would become special cases of
> signals.  Consider the "%s requires plaintext authentication over an
> unencrypted connection.  Allow this and continue authentication?"
> requests in jabber/auth.c.  (Aside from the fact that this should
> arguably be an account option,) this should emit a signal like
> "allow-insecure-authentication" (using _emit_1 to prevent the callbacks

Is it possible to have some simple and generic signals (e.g.,
'requesting-choice', 'requesting-input', 'requesting-fields' etc.)


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