Website and recent conversation UI changes

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at
Sun Jul 15 12:23:44 EDT 2007

First of all, website. The news section has been broken for 3 months
now, and it doesn't look like the planet is updated either. Luke said
that the person who was doing the website disappeared, is there anyone
who will fix it soonish?

IIRC the website files are not put under VCS. Does the CMS allow us to
do that? I just did a count and we only have 9 pages total (including
the 2 broken ones), do we really need a CMS?

Secondly, are we releasing next Thursday? If so, Sean, do you still have
any pending work on the infopane and other infopane initiated changes?
I've voiced my opinion on most of those changes before, so I won't
repeat them here (oh, one thing I have not said is, I *hate* to resize
my chat window OR IM window every time). I think at least some other
developers agree with some of my points, and honestly, I would rather we
disapprove those couple revisions than ship it as is.

-khc -who-hovered-his-mouse-over-the-send-button-for-a-long-time

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