Some suggestions on the infopane of conversation

Christopher Stafford ukdrizzle at
Sun Jul 8 15:54:28 EDT 2007

Okay, I've only just updated to the bleeding edge. Can't say I'm a huge
fan of the new conversation window layout, since I gain absolutely
nothing over how it was before, the smaller buddy icon makes the window
harder to pick when I'm alt-tabbing, and there isn't even any saving of
space (arguably the reduction in toolbar options means I could make the
window thinner, but in fact I never found myself even remotely
restricted by that). There are two main problems however:

1. in the absence of tabs you don't get to see the MSN screenname
becomes kind of invisible. Easiest way to fix that judging by most of
the comments would be to put tabs back in for single conversations

2. the insert menu. I never used anything on the toolbar apart from
smileys, and now I have to do a pointless extra click to get to them.
wouldn't it be better to have the link and image options as buttons on
the smiley dialog?


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