does pidgin work on linux pda?

Kevin M Stange kevin at
Mon Jul 9 05:46:10 EDT 2007

Clyde Casiechitty wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a user of Pidgin on my PC.
> I am in need of a IM to use on my linux PDA. I was
> wondering if there was a version of Pidgin which runs
> on linux PDAs? If so could you please let me know from
> where I can download it, and installation
> instructions.

The answer to this question most likely depends on the linux PDA's
software availability.  If your PDA supports GTK+ 2.0 and glib 2.0, you
should be able to compile Pidgin already, or at least get it working
with relatively minimal effort.

If you are using a PDA that has qtopia as its UI toolkit, as I believe
the Zaurus PDA does (or did), you will need to "port" Pidgin to that or
another acceptable toolkit.  There is a project called "qpe-gaim" which
worked with Qtopia, but is very out of date and needs to be updated to
the new Pidgin API (and for many changes other changes since it was last
revised).  Christian Hammond was the maintainer of the project, but he
is no longer actively maintaining it and is looking for someone to take
the reigns.  You can find more information here:


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