Merging XMPP SoC branch

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at
Wed Jul 11 17:52:31 EDT 2007

On Jul 11, 2007, at 18:27, Evan Schoenberg wrote:

>>> Note that I probably won't get any feedback from anybody as long as
>>> this is hidden away in a branch.
> First off, Andy did many people a disservice with his strongly  
> negative statement that he won't get any feedback, but I think many  
> involved already know that he's is prone to writing like that  
> sometimes.

I'm sorry for this unclear statement: I was talking about feedback  
from testing (like compiling the branch and using it for a while,  
filing any bugs that creep up), not feedback from looking at the  
source. I had plenty of the latter, which I'm grateful for.


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