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Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Jul 12 11:04:48 EDT 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 10:38:48 -0400, Leitch, Oblio wrote
> I apologize in advance for posting this to a developer list.  It's 
> not a developer question, nor am I, but I can't find any resources 
> for end-users.  My question is, in by 'buddy list' next to the 
> buddy's icon, I have what looks like a little phone or PDA with some 
> lines that suggest sound or wireless broadcasting.  What is that; 
> what does it mean?  It was not there yesterday.  I can't find any 
> explanation nor have any idea how to "use" it.  Could someone help?

It sounds like the "mobile" icon.  The buddy with this icon is either signed
in with a mobile device (a cell phone), is has configured their AIM account to
forward IMs to their cell phone via SMS.

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Your disclaimer is humiliatingly long.


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