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Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Jul 13 19:36:05 EDT 2007

Chris Forsythe spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Ethan Blanton wrote:
> >Augie and Andreas can sync among each other, of course.  It's 2007.
> >Any revisions from Augie which Andreas subsequently syncs to
> >will be accepted the same as any other.
> Is there a best practices document for this somewhere? Maybe the 
> equivalent to the svn book or just some documentation on the Pidgin wiki 
> which should have been followed?

This isn't a "should have been followed" thing, really, and it's not
at all about tricky version control checkin-fu.  It's simply a benefit
of having a capable DVCS.  (The propagate discussion, elsewhere in
this thread, *is* sort of about checkin-fu, but it is likewise simply
a benefit of having a capable *VCS*, no D required.  Subversion really
is That Bad, which is, I suspect, why no propagates were performed --
anyone who's been scarred by trying to actually merge with subversion
(or CVS) would certainly avoid it like the plague.)  The point of a
DVCS is that any developer can sync with any other developer, at any
time.  This means that Andreas and Augie could set up a rendezvous
server on one of their boxes (or simply pass a database with the new
revisions, or whatever) and work between themselves, without involving, or that Andreas could proxy revisions into the
database on behalf of Augie.

Ideally, as time goes by, many of our contributions would be taken
directly from third-party developers by way of monotone, and simply
pushed to the public repository (probably with an approval, which is
just a certificate binding a revision to a branch, in this case by a
known developer).

If there is anything out of this discussion which could be usefully
added to UsingPidginMonotone[1], someone should certainly add it -- I
created that document with enough help to get people started, and the
intent that, as people found tricky things or useful things, they
would share them with other developers.  (Which is why it's on the
wiki, and not a static web page.)



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