Testing tools and Pidgin account limits

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Sat Jul 14 01:24:18 EDT 2007

Greg Chagnon spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Also, along those lines, does anyone have a general idea on how many
> accounts Pidgin can handle logged in at the same time?  It is on the order
> of several, dozens, hundreds?  Obviously it depends on the hardware, but
> let's say like a Xeon with 4gb memory?  Thanks!

It's almost like we need a FAQ entry.  ;-)

Q:  I just had a brilliant idea that I'm sure no one has ever thought
    of before; I want to run libpurple as a web backend!  How many
    accounts can sign on at once?

A:  This has been asked on devel at pidgin.im like 200 times since Pidgin
    released.  The answer is "a lot", "it depends on what you bolt on
    top of it", or "we don't know, try it and tell us how it worked
    out", depending on how long you let the thread go on.


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