Fw: Information needed - Community Choice Awards Finalists

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Wed Jul 18 04:08:47 EDT 2007

I got this email maybe a week ago.  We should pick a charity and let this guy
know.  Can we pick IM Freedom Foundation?  Or is that passé?  Other good
choices are:

* Software Freedom Law Center
* Electronic Frontier Foundation
* Free Software Foundation

This question is mainly directed at the contributing developers of


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From: Ross Turk
Subject: Information needed - Community Choice Awards Finalists

Hey folks!

We're planning to celebrate the CCA winners in lots of different ways  
this year.  For the Best Project for Communications, Best Project for  
Gamers, and Best Project for Multimedia categories, we plan to make  
three donations to charities of the winners' choice in their  
project's name.

If your project wins, which charity would you like your donation to  
go to?  We're announcing on the 26th, so let me know before then! :)


Ross Turk
SourceForge.net Community Manager

"Consider a sandwich, for instance." - Richard Stallman
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