libpurple with Qt

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at
Thu Jul 19 11:43:47 EDT 2007

On Jul 19, 2007, at 5:19 AM, bunjee wrote:

> Libpurple seems heavily based on glib library.
Yes. This shouldn't change how you interact with the run loop in any  
way I can think of, though -- it'd be useful for folks on the list to  
understand how this presents a problem for you, if it does.

> Threading is very simple with qt,
> maybe it would be a safer bet to run the glib loop into a thread,
> then connect the static method callbacks to my interface using  
> signals.

Just make sure that all calls to libpurple and all accesses to  
structures created by libpurple occur on the same thread and that  
should work fine.

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