Regarding the protocol/status icons...

Sean Egan seanegan at
Sat Jul 21 13:19:12 EDT 2007

On 7/20/07, James <email_this_guy at> wrote:
> I just realized today that GAIM has become PIDGIN

Pidgin, please. We hoped the name change would help people who
couldn't figure out the capitalization (it used to be Gaim). :)

> A lot of my buddies have
> both AIM and MSN accounts, and both their icons either appear at the same
> time when they are online, or not appear at all when they are not online.  I
> also tend to use short aliases for their names as well, such as their first
> name.  So now when I see both "John" status icons on the screen, I can't
> tell right away which one to click on to start a new conversation with.

Of course, we'll bring up the point that the protocol icon doesn't
distinguish an account and that if John had two AIM accounts, you
still don't know which is which.

> In my case, the File Transfer function doesnt work well with AIM people, but it
> does work reliably with MSN.

The proper fix is, clearly, to fix AIM file transfer (does that
seriously not work with you in Pidgin?)

> After reading the "uniformity" design guidelines at
> , my
> question to you is why are you removing something that no user has
> complained about?

Why do you assume nobody complained about it. I don't think there's
*anything* in Pidgin that nobody has complained about.

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