Scalable Large Vista Desktop Icon for Pidgin Win32 (Attached)

Emory Petermann invaderspleen at
Sun Jul 22 23:13:58 EDT 2007

I took the 48-bit scalable icon and converted it into a png and the new 
Vista icon format.  The benefit is the large scalable (up to 256x256) 
icons in Vista and it looks nice on the desktop.

So, if there are any other Vista users, this is for you.  Maybe it can 
even be incorporated into a later release?

Anyway, I have attached the icon and png to the email, and if it gets 
scrubbed go ahead and grab it off of and
and see if you like it.

To use without changing the source or anything crazy, just drop it in 
"C:\Program Files\Pidgin" and change your shortcut icon to that one.  If 
you have on large icons or are in a folder with the shortcut and on 
larger views it should show up as big automagically.

** This doesn't change the EXE icon at all, only the shortcut icon.  You 
would need to modify the source for the exe to have the new icon. **

Well, hope you like it anyway.

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