Persistent chat rooms

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Tue Jul 24 03:12:54 EDT 2007

Hi Sean,

Sean Egan wrote:
> Right now you can add a chat room (IRC channel, Jabber conference,
> etc.) to your buddy list, where double-clicking it will join the room.
> Additionally, if you right-click it and select "auto-join," that room
> will be automatically joined when the account connects.
> I'm proposing changing "Auto-join" to "Always-in," or "Persistant," or
> some word that actually describes what's going on.

I would just want to add a little thing:
In IRC there is a difference between Auto-join, Join-on-startup and
Auto-rejoin, meaning:
  Auto-join - join a channel or pm-conversion upon invitation
  Join-on-startup - join a channel when starting the client/connecting
    to the network
  Auto-rejoin - rejoin channel after you've been kicked

So I think this should be kept in mind, when renaming things. It should
be absolutely clear which one is meant. And IMHO Pidgin should be able
to configure all of these behaviours.


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