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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Jul 26 01:33:55 EDT 2007

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Sean Egan wrote:
> When you boil down to it, it's not much more extreme than once every 5
> seconds, the previous timeout.

True.  I proposed the one-minute polling as a sort of compromise, knowing that
we did poll "excessively" in the past but not remembering the exact frequency of
that polling.

> My biggest concern is that when you're idle, that's when you'd prefer
> to have Pidgin sleep most to keep the CPU in low-power mode as long as
> possible.
> -s.

I agree here, which is why to me a one minute poll interval seems a reasonable
compromise, because at most you're inaccruately shown as idle for 59 seconds or
so, compared to 9 minutes and 59 seconds.  The timers I mentioned previously
would be a benefit here because as I understood it, they grouped all the actions
performed at this frequency in a rather tight spacing to concentrate the time
that the CPU needed to be active before returning to low-power states, thus
hopefully saving more power in the process by avoiding many state transitions.

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