Proposal for an extended callbacks field

Nathan Walp nwalp at
Thu Jul 26 10:11:02 EDT 2007

Andreas Monitzer wrote:

>>> jabber_register_gateway
>> Account Action
> You'd have to prompt for the gateway JID, which is a very bad UI (how  
> should the user know what to enter there?).


Perhaps you can clarify for me what you would do differently from a UI 
perspective?  For flexibility, you need to be able to enter any JID 
under the sun.  For usefulness to the average user, you need to provide 
a list of JIDs that may be appropriate.  What would your UI do.  I ask 
this about register_gateway, as well as user_search.

If you have good ideas about this, I'd love to hear them, as the current 
Pidgin interface is lacking at best.

On a separate note, more in response to this thread in general:

1. It seems you've been emailing Sean and maybe Etan outside of this 
list, which is fine for quick questions.  However, as far as design 
descisions go, I'd much rather you ask them on-list, so I can review the 
discussion and resulting design, if nothing else.  I've been in the dark 
about what you've been up to for months, with the occasional exception 
for a commit that monotone chooses to bless me with a diff for.

2. The stated goals of the Summer of Code (unless they've changed 
drastically since I last was a mentor) include introducing the student 
to the open source community, and educating them about the open source 
way of doing things.  I hope that you have looked on this summer as an 
excellent opportunity to do just that.  You are in a rather special 
position relative to your peers, in that you get to work with 2 open 
source projects simultaneously, and get to observe the inner-workings of 
both in a very real way.  Unfortunately, it seems you've gotten a bad 
taste in your mouth about the purple side of things.  I don't know where 
you've gotten this, especially since I've seen very little communication 
from you at all, until this thread.  See point 1 ;-)

I hope you can take a deep breath, and a big step back, and realize that 
all we want is the best solution for libpurple over the long-haul, and 
that it may not be simple or easy.  With the notable exception of 
when-the-lawyers-tell-us-we-have-to, we generally like discussions out 
in the open around here ;-)


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