libpurple in server

Christopher Baus christopher at
Fri Jun 1 01:07:41 EDT 2007

> Hi,Can the libpurple library be integrated with server (may be an IM
> server)? So that the customers of this server can integrate it with
> different servers and provide IM functionality. Or libpurple is used
> only at the client side where multiples IMs can be transported? I mean is
> pigdin kind of application is only possible application for libpurple?-
> Jack_______________________________________________

I'm currently working on such a project.  I think the only potential issue
is handling the single threaded event loop in a scalable manner.  For
instance doing I/O when handling messages is going to block the entire
glib event distribution until the I/O completes.  This will result in poor
CPU and I/O utilization.

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