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Hi,At least this gave me a positive hope. Now can you please also tell me how should I begin with it? How much effort will it take to integrate MSN? Willit depend on which all IMs I integrate? Or the effort would be same? The API link contains a big set of APIs. What exactly should I look for? What all documents are available? - JackOn Thu, 31 May 2007 22:07:41 -0700 (PDT) christopher at wrote> Hi,Can the libpurple library be integrated with server (may be an IM> server)? So that the customers of this server can integrate it with> different servers and provide IM functionality. Or libpurple is used> only at the client side where multiples IMs can be transported? I mean is> pigdin kind of application is only possible application for libpurple?-> Jack_______________________________________________I\'m currently working on such a project. I think the only potential issueis handling the single threaded event loop in a scalable manner. Forinstance doing I/O when handling messages is going to block the entireglib event distribution until the I/O completes. This will result in poorCPU and I/O utilization. 
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