[PATCH] SILC prpl ported to SILC Toolkit 1.1

Pekka Riikonen priikone at iki.fi
Sun Jun 3 13:46:58 EDT 2007

: > You're not misreading.  I think what is missing from that is an option 
: > that would do that instead of doing it by default.
: You want to add another option to this!? :)
: http://pidgin.im/~nosnilmot/silcaccount.png
Heh, well, you removed the prpl preferences, so that's what you get ;)  

: Is it not possible to use /cmode for this now?
: >   Another way of doing that is that it 
: > is not added permanently, but only for the duration of the session (while 
: > you're on the channel).
: "/cmode pidgintest +f" seemed to work for me without adding it to my
: buddy list.
Yes the modes can be changed with CMODE but there are other features not 
available with commands.  But, perhaps this was not such a good idea.  I 
still think it could add it there at least while you're on the channel. 
Or, the channel context menu could be avaiable from the conversation 
window.  But, you can certainly remove it if it is not desired.

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