Fedora Core Pidgin missing SSL

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Fri Jun 8 03:01:43 EDT 2007

On Mon, 28 May 2007 08:56:10 +0100, Simon Wilkinson wrote
> On 28 May 2007, at 03:48, Sean Egan wrote:
> >
> > This error message may come up if you have a SASL library installed
> > but don't have the SASL plain authentication type. I've seen that
> > happen at least once.
> This is the Jabber SASL code that I contributed ... Do folk think it 
>  would be worth having that code check to see if there are suitable  
> SASL mechanisms installed, and giving a more verbose error message 
> if  there are not? The danger is that it's possible that systems 
>  administrators may have deliberately disabled 'weak' mechanism  
> plugins on the client side.

I don't understand what you're suggesting.  Is this when connecting to a
Jabber server where the server requests a specific authentication type but you
don't have it installed?  Are you suggesting changing the error message to say
something like, "server requested md5 authorization, but you don't have that
SASL auth type installed. check your distribution for a package."?

How would that relate to sys admins disabling weak mechanism plugins on the
client side?


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