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Neal Rapoport neal at
Sat Jun 9 17:34:26 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 09:42:32PM -0500, Neal Rapoport wrote:
>> It's even useful on the buddy list like here where I have myself on the
>> ME group... I use that to see which protocol's I'm on... SOmetimes I
>> turn one off,  (just don't want to be bothered by certain folks), and I
>> don't know which is on, unless I alias myself (on all my machines I run
>> pidgin on) ...
>> Also, this shows the different information from the different protocols.
>> But if there's no plans to add it back, (even like I mentioned of
>> folders of .png files like the other stuff is in), I can't do anything
>> about it.
>> Thanks
>> Neal.
> The Accounts menu shows you which of your accounts is enabled and whether
> they are online or offline, which solves exactly what you are talking
> about without adding the useless protocol icons to the buddy list entries.
> Not to mention the fact that a number of protocols don't even allow you to
> add yourself to your buddy list so pidgin has to fake it because people
> expect it (notably MSN and XMPP).
> 	-Etan

Well obviously its not useless.  If you're saying that having to hover 
extra times often, and go into the menu's to do something which used to 
be always visible is useless, then Pidgin itself is probably useless 
according to your terms, since people can just install all the separate 
clients and use them to get the same results too! 
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