I HATE the lack of protocol icons

Hylke Bons h.bons at student.rug.nl
Tue Jun 12 06:36:37 EDT 2007

>>> We've had a number of complaints about this and IIRC, at least Ethan
>>> agrees that they're backwards. I don't really care personally, but
>>> Hylke/Sean, can we get the arrows flipped?
> Hylke's argument is that both GNOME and KDE use "door with red arrow
> pointing into it" to mean "logged out." I, personally, don't care
> about the direction of the arrow, only its color.
> Hylke sent me a bunch of new icons today, including new
> online/offline. I'll push them tomorrow.
That's right. This is the new situation now (in LtR languages, RtL is a
Going offline: Door on the left. Red arrow on the right RtL.
Going online: Door on the left. Green arrow on the right LtR.

Steven Garrity filed a bug that the "going-online" should be an arrow
pointing to the right,
because to us (in LtR languages) that's the positive direction, and to
the left is negative. I very much agree with him.
A positive side effect is that when going online you see the arrow
coming out of the door to the buddies name, and when going offline
 you see the arrow from the name to the door, I have the icons in the
blist for a while bow and it looks very natural.


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