I HATE the lack of protocol icons

Chris Forsythe chris at growl.info
Tue Jun 12 11:48:13 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 01:12:52AM -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
>>Those don't scream "available" to me at all.  I much prefer the green circle.
>What about a green circle screams "available" at you? I certainly grant
>that people have come to expect it (at least some people coming from some
>clients) but people expecting things isn't a reason to keep them if they
>aren't good. (See thread title if my point here isn't bleedingly obvious.)
Nobody is going to see icons as the same light, no matter what amount of 
arguing you guys make back and forth. Perhaps it's time for you guys to 
realize that you need icon packs of some kind that are better than just 
"oh go use the desktop manager/window manager". It worked well for us on 
Adium and we've had none of these issues for years, if people disagree 
with the defaults we ship they go to the xtras site, download an icon 
pack, and are off on their merry way.

I personally like the green circles since they remind me of US stop 
lights where round+green = go.


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