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Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Thu Jun 14 00:49:23 EDT 2007

* Sean Egan had this to say on [13 Jun 2007, 21:08:26 -0700]:
> On 6/13/07, aluink at <aluink at> wrote:
> > Currently it's directly into Finch, but later we'll most likely move it into a plugin since some have argued well that sound in a console app might not be an all around favored thing.
> However, the real reason I'd be against this being a plugin is that
> gstreamer will in the not-too-distant future be a (n optional)
> dependency of libpurple, instead of Pidgin itself to accomodate -vv
> features.

The reason I like the idea of a plugin better is mostly to reduce the
code duplication, and always not having to update both pidgin/ and
finch/ if some sound-related bug is being fixed. The same also goes for
autoreconnecting stuff, for which I considered bringing back the old
auto-reconnect plugin. Duplicating same/similar code burdens us with
extra maintenance, which can be rather annoying.

I had sort of wondered why gstreamer was kept in pidgin when that
happened. I may have voiced this when I wanted to move the
auto-reconnect stuff into purple. Can we introduce the gstreamer
dependency in libpurple in 2.x.y, or will that have to be postponed for

> Completely unrelated note: since we're already doing certain neat X
> tricks to make running in an xterm more pleasurable, it would rock if
> we could follow the notification area spec (without linking to
> anything more than xlib) and put notifications in there when we get
> new messages.

You probably mean the gntgf and gntclipboard plugins, which do
communicate with the X server. Other plugins should be able to do
similar things. And I think some dbus script [1] that do neat stuff for
pidgin should work as nicely for finch too (given that there's only
one purple-client running at a time).



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