looking forward

Luke Schierer lschiere at pidgin.im
Fri Jun 15 10:29:27 EDT 2007

Looking forward at our roadmap here just a second.

We have just released 2.0.2, and are scheduled to release 2.1.0 next.  I
do not debate that decision.

We have 163 open bugs targeted for 2.1.0.  Obviously this will not

We have 463 bugs with no milestone yet.  Each of these needs one (mea
culpa), and then we have to find time to actually close as many of them
as we can.

I do not want to fall into a pattern of having tons of tickets roll over
each release.

With the above in mind, here's what I have come up with.  If you all
continue your amazing job of fixing & closing bugs, and if we plan on a
2.1.1 after 2.1.0, and if I do not assign any new bugs to that
milestone, we should be able to close all of the 2.1.0 bugs between now
and 2.1.1.

That leaves us with the 463 current bugs plus any that come in.  For
that reason, I think it is inevitable that we will need to have 2.1.2.

By the time that happens, it will be mid August, and after a summer of
work, we will no doubt have API changes again, requiring a 2.2.0 in
early September, which is well timed to be merging in the SoC projects.

Sound like a plan?


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