UI suggestions

Hylke Bons h.bons at student.rug.nl
Sun Jun 17 08:07:38 EDT 2007

Aleve Sicofante wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to this Pidgin list. I've been using Pidgin in Windows for a
> few weeks and I'd like to point out a few UI issues I've found:
> 1- Friends logging in or out are announced by a sound. In order to
> know who's that friend, the user is forced to open Pidgin.
> Show a tooltip in the system tray showing the friend's name and a
> little text ("Fred has just logged in" or "Martha has just logged out").
Use the guifications plugin.

> 2- Icons used to show a friend is logging in and out are counter
> intuitive. A small arrow pointing outside the window means the friend
> is getting in. A small arrow pointing inside the window means the
> friend is getting out. It should be exactly the opposite. The door
> behind the arrows is too small to help with the meaning.
> Remove the door in the icons.
> Use a big red arrow pointing outside the window when a friend logs out.
> Use big green arrow pointing inside the window when a friend logs in.
This is fixed in 2.1.0.

> 3- Friends' pictures are shown to the right of the window, while names
> are on the left. Unless the window is stretched to a very narrow
> width, it's hard to see who the picture belongs too.
> Put friends' pictures right in between the friend's status icon and
> the friend's name.
I kind of agree with you here, but i don't think your suggestion is the
right solution. If someone doesn't have a buddy icon there is a lot of
empty space.
> 3- Friends' pictures are far too small.
> Allow picture size to be customizable in Preferences.
> 4- Turning pictures into B&W when friend is disconnected is a nice way
> to tell so, but it should be optional. Some pictures look just too bad
> in B&W.
> Allow "B&W when friend is away" to be an option in Preferences.
How can a picture "look bad" in B&W? I think then the picture just looks
bad itself...

> 5- "Friend is typing" animated icon: It took me a few days to notice
> it was there. It's annoying to look up-right to see if your friend is
> typing. While in a conversation, we tend to look at the last line our
> friend has written or to our own writing area.
> Put the "friend is typing" animated icon right between the writing
> area and the last line of the current conversation.
The conversation window is getting an overhaul in 2.1.0, we'll take this
in consideration, but I'm already glad you recognized it as if it were
the "typing icon". :)

> 6- I think "Expand" is not quite that useful. Most friends use just
> one IM protocol, making expanding a bit absurd.
> Put protocol icons to the right of the friend's name.
> Use protocol icons to show friend's status. For instance, by putting
> that icon in B&W (Instead of the friend's picture).
> Allow grouping by protocol (which is nice) to be an option in preferences.
I think this is one of the major features of Pidgin and very useful for
a multi IM client.
And the protocols, well... no...:)


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