useful buddy "manager"

William Ehlhardt williamehlhardt at
Mon Jun 18 12:25:09 EDT 2007

On 6/12/07, Luigi <lemsx1 at> wrote:
> Are there any plans (or is there a plugin) to have a better contextual menu
> for buddies in the list. I have a very long list of buddies in my list, and
> I'm trying my best to create as many groups as I can think of to better sort
> users. The only interface to move a buddy from one group to another seems to
> be dragging and dropping the user from one group to the next.

This bothers me as well; drag and drop is not very friendly for moving
things around in large lists. I think that any solution to this should
also address adding/merging buddies into contacts, which I find to be
very painful.


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