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Hylke Bons h.bons at student.rug.nl
Mon Jun 18 15:46:14 EDT 2007

I'm experimenting with more themes, but it's hard to create something
that blends in on every OS.
libnotify solves this, but like said, it's not available on Windows.
What i'd like to see is the ability to use transparency,
 retrieve GTK theme colors and maybe SVG support that fills in these
colors in guifications.
I guess it would take a while for these things to make it into guifications.

Attached a screenshot of what I have running on my desktop right now (no
it's simple and clean.


Sean Egan wrote:
> On 6/18/07, Richard Laager <rlaager at wiktel.com> wrote:
>>> Sean suggested[1] in the past using libnotify if found at compile time,
>>> otherwise having pidgin draw it's own notifications.
>> I think that's silly. If there's no libnotify, we can just not do
>> notifications, which is exactly where we are now.
> We will have to draw our own notifications on win32, which (to my
> knowledge) has no libnotify/growl type system-wide notifications
> handler. As this can (and should) be done entirely with GTK/GDK, and
> we already have existing code that does just this, there's no strong
> reason *not* to use it.
> Here's a default Guifications theme from Hylke:
> http://pidgin.im/~seanegan/guification.png
> -s.
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