Status indicators in tabs

Lukas Barth tinloaf at
Sat Jun 23 14:27:54 EDT 2007


I noticed Pidgin's layout changing so that it's not possible anymore to 
tell what status a buddy is in from the tabs of the buddies' conversations.

I think this is a step back: I often have open about 10 tabs in 
fullscreen, the buddylist minimized or tabbed into background. Now the 
open conversations are mostly buddies i write to quite regularly - let's 
say every 30 minutes or so (it's this type of conversation where you are 
not constantly chatting...) - and if i now want to write something to 
one of these buddys I want to see if my buddy is still online at the 
first glance, without having to tab into the specific tab (in my case 
this means moving my fingers to another keyboard ;))

I think that removing the status indicators from the tabs had no 
advantages (or am I wrong?), so would it be possible to bring them back?

Kind regards,


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