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Sat Jun 23 18:25:59 EDT 2007

On Jun 23, 2007, at 3:49 PM, Sean Egan wrote:

> As far as I'm concerned, the largest advantage (unforeseen by myself)
> is that you can now essentially double the number of tabs visible
> before you have to scroll. This has long been an issue. The purpose of
> the tabs is to manage multiple conversations, and by maximizing the
> number of tabs, it can better serve that purpose. It's not really
> intended to be a "mini-buddy list," as you're using it.

Adium handles the status-in-tabs issue by using the status icon in  
the 'close widget' location; when hovered, it switches to the close  
widget.  This lets the space have dual functionality.

I've heard from only a couple users over the course of the past 3  
years who find this behavior confusing; I've watched first time users  
who, when asked to close the tab,  immediately go for that location  
on the tab, presumably based on prior tab implementation experiences  
(Firefox, for example), and have their expectation confirmed by the  
switch on-hover.  (Many hit cmd-w, which is system standard for  
close, choosing not to use the mouse for the task at all).

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