Ability to sort buddy list groups

Vinnie Lima vlima at csc.com
Mon Jun 25 11:03:55 EDT 2007

Thats ok, no rush, just wanted to get it "out there" for possible future 
enhancements as it gets further tuned and perfected.



Etan Reisner <pidgin at unreliablesource.net> 
06/25/2007 03:40 PM

Vinnie Lima/GIS/CSC at CSC
devel at pidgin.im
Re: Ability to sort buddy list groups

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 02:39:28PM +0100, Vinnie Lima wrote:
> Thanks, i didnt mean to be rude previously but its just not feasible for
> me to hand edit and decide where each group should belong so they are 
> alphabetical, specially because they will become out of order within a
> week or two.
> Since pidgin *has* the ability to alphabetize and sort the buddies, why
> not extend it to do the same feature for the groups? User friendliness
> goes a long way, specially for such a cool gadget as pidgin. I'm 
> no one has asked this, specially those who use pidgin for corporate 
> sametime meeting, where there may be thousands of notes groups 
> Thanks,
> Vinnie

The fact that pidgin has one thing does not in any way imply it should
have anything else, especially when considering the fact that buddies and
groups are not at all the same sort of entity.

Would it be possible to support sorted groups, certainly, but you are only
the fourth person (give or take) that I have ever seen ask for this and
not be satisfied with the ability to order the groups themselves.

If you were to provide a patch which added the ability to sort groups in
the same ways one is able to sort buddies, I doubt there would be much
objection to incorporating it, but I wouldn't expect it to get written
otherwise as I really have not seen much interest in it.


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