Status indicators in tabs

Hylke Bons h.bons at
Mon Jun 25 14:06:38 EDT 2007

> I thought your whole idea behind the infopane was that we could shove
> toolbar-like-functionality there. Now you want to put it in some
> obscure, non-persistant, ass-crack of the GtkNotebook, where it
> doesn't seem to be a part of any conversation.
Yes, but you made it tiny, and now there's not much room left ;).
You are right that it should be clear what button resembles the active
but I don't see much of a problem here. There can be an arrow pointing
to the conversation,
having the layout of the button differently, only showing the border of
the active button etc.

>> When there are a lot of tabs open you only see Hy..., #pi... #ta... And
>> when there are too many tabs
>> there are arrows.
> That's why I'm currently defending removing the status icons. When
> these and the close button are both disabled, you maximize the number
> of tabs you can see before arrows are needed, and still get to see
> most of people's names up until that point.

Then I will defend the users that are somewhere between "I have only one
conversation open" and you. :)
The tab at top is too small for me and the tab at left wastes too much space.
Anyway, I wouldn't have proposed the infopane if it's killing the
> Using GtkButton instead of GtkNotebook tabs will not solve this
> problem, anyway.
> -s.

It does not, but it leaves more room for names, while having a lot of
conversations open.


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