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Chris Forsythe chris at
Thu Jun 28 11:26:00 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:

>On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 10:12:35AM -0500, Chris Forsythe wrote:
>>Is that based on windows shaking? I believe Andreas has a different,
>>more elegant solution for how the UI will work within Adium than shaking
>>the window willy nilly.
>While the shaking is a large part of what I despise about this feature, I
>also just plainly see zero reason to need such a thing. I would turn off
>any such notifications immediately. If someone wants my attention they can
>send me an IM, if I don't notice or choose not to respond I very much do
>not want them demanding it in other (likely more annoying) ways.
True, but isn't libpurple a library that does not shape Pidgin? We 
want/need this in Adium, if we can't add stuff we need into libpurple 
that you guys don't need, do not ever forsee adding, we're feature 
blocked by what Pidgin needs then. It's been decided to add buzz support 
to Adium for all protocols which can support it, and since we can get a 
private thing going for xmpp which can then become an optional xep. I 
think it's an excellent opportunity for Andreas to become a more 
prominent contributor to the community and for us to test the stance 
that they want features implemented at the same time proposals are sent in.

Sean has stated on the Adium development list that we can have features 
in libpurple that Pidgin would not use, since it's a library. Do you not 
agree with that?

>Though I must admit to being curious as to the notification method you are
>talking about. Since I imagine it would need to be something other than a
>sound (because normal messages do that), a popup notification
>(guifications/growl) (because normal messages can do that), a printed
>message in the conversation window (becuase that might as well just be a
>normal message), or causing the window to shake (because you just ruled
>that out) I am somewhat at a loss as to what else you might do.
It may be something like this ripple coming from a message window:

However, it's his project, and he can implement it however he wants.


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