Question about tooltip and PurpleNotifyUserInfoEntry

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at
Sat Jun 30 00:40:55 EDT 2007

On Jun 29, 2007, at 5:32 PM, Sean Egan wrote:

> in the tooltip, Hylke has a single italicized line:
> Has you, Blocked
> I can think of two ways to do this:
> If the value of the PurpleNotifyUserInfoEntry is 'Yes,' append it to
> that line, append it to that line. If it's "No," ignore it. This is a
> heuristic, and heuristics aren't great.
> The other way is to add a new PurpleNotifyUserInfoEntryType (the
> current ones are 'pair', 'break', and 'header') for items with only a
> value. This is the better design, but has the downside of removing
> tooltips from clients that don't update to use it. Or, for instance,
> running Finch 2.0.0 against Finch 2.1.0.
> Is that ok? I'm assuming it is, but I'd love to know what Evan thinks.

Although I've done nothing exciting with this in Adium yet, this kind  
of manipulation -- the ability to selectively deal with pairs, handle  
the information in ways beyond simple preformed text, etc. -- was  
precisely why I made the NotifyUserInfoEntry changes.  I definitely  
approve of a boolean type which, if present, should be presented as a  
'yes' or implicitly so by being included at all.

This shouldn't actually have to break the client-library version  
mismatches Sean mentioned.  Both Pidgin and Finch currently utilize  
purple_notify_user_info_get_text_with_newline() from notify.c (within  
libpurple).  That function should be updated to rationally handle the  
new notify user info entry type.  Client not doing special handling  
of the values -- including, for example, Finch 2.0.0 -- will  
automatically be handling the new one in an acceptable way ("Blocked:  
Yes" or the like), since the updated value comes with an updated  
automatic parsing function.

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