How to activate a Saved Status in the Perl API?

dave_menninger dave.menninger at
Thu May 3 16:40:14 EDT 2007

I have recently begun work on a Perl plugin and I am having the same problem
as is described here.  The SavedStatuses.xs is simply incomplete.  I viewed
the code at:  
Based on my understanding it would be relatively easy to add in the lines of
code that would enable access to the full range of functions via Perl.

Matthew Ford-5 wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Feb 2007, James Lockie wrote:
>> I think you need
>> gaim_savedstatus_activate
>> in Perl which you can't find.
> I fixed the problem by adding Gaim::SavedStatus::activate(saved_status) 
> into the source myself, and recompiling Gaim. I just needed to insert the 
> following lines into libgaim/plugins/perl/common/SavedStatuses.xs:
>   void 
>   gaim_savedstatus_activate(saved_status) 
>          Gaim::SavedStatus saved_status
> This raises a question: why are there so many functions missing from the 
> Perl API? Surely all the hard work setting up the API is already done, and 
> Perl should now be able to handle every object type that exists in the C 
> API. We just need a more complete list of functions in those .xs files. Or 
> is there some complication I'm overlooking?
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> Matthew.
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To the devs:
Is this something that is planned?  I looked around a little bit but didn't
see a ticket in Trac to flesh out the Perl API.  I'd even be willing to work
on this myself, but I think it would be more work for someone to hold my
hand through the process of creating a patch than for them to just do it.

In any case, I'm just curious.

Dave Menninger
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