New Website Source Code

Steven Garrity stevelist at
Fri May 4 20:25:26 EDT 2007

Congratulations to everyone on the new name, the new look, and the big 
shiny new 2.0 version number.

The new website looks great. I had a couple of quick questions about the 
new site.

First, is the site code in the version control system? I'm downloading 
the "bootstrap" database for monotone right now, so I'll know soon 
enough. If it's not, perhaps it should be. I would probably submit a few 
(minor) patches.

Second, how would people feels about putting the new website header 
(bird head, title, and the purple navigation bar), above the header for 
the Trac site as well? You can see an example of trac fitting into a 
site layout here:

This would keep the navigation consistent on all top level pages linked 
from the navigation bar.

Steven Garrity

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