Version code for release

Lee Roach phroggster at
Sat May 5 04:45:34 EDT 2007

Gabriel Schulhof wrote:
> Hi!
> What's the MTN revision ID corresponding to the release ?
> Alternatively, is there a named branch I can check out ? I tried
> mtn -d list branches
> but the only relevant one is im.pidgin.pidgin. I did a pull about 10
> minutes ago (2007-05-05 09:16 GMT).
> I guess I don't know enough about mtn to properly query the contents of
8c0ef1cb63204eeb0e5cda5501300c62d11bf89e from branch im.pidgin.pidgin is 
tagged v2.0.0. I'm really enjoying Monotone-viz. :-)

To checkout 2.0.0, use `mtn -d $(PATH_TO_DB) checkout -r t:v2.0.0 


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