monotone autotags

Lee Roach phroggster at
Sat May 5 13:10:25 EDT 2007

Christopher Stafford wrote:
> Makes sense to me, although I think I'd lose the committer_id off the
> start, since you could just report that in whatever places you reported
> the auto-tag, and people would just refer to tim's change 'whitespace_3'.
But it's distributed version control; two devs could commit an 
autotagged whitespace fixeup before syncing, and we'd have duplicate 
tags. If monotone handles this scenario gracefully, there's no problems, 
but I'm not positive it will. If I wasn't running late already, I'd test 
it myself, but such is life.

As a possible simple enough method to handle the 'less important' tag 
idea, perhaps `mtn list tags` could be hooked to ignore all tags that 
contain an @ symbol, or all tags that start with a trusted key (sounds 
slow), or some similar magic. If that would happen, `mtn tag` (ci, 
others?) would probably have to be hooked to not allow the auto-tag 
token(s) to appear in a given tag.

With that mentioned, I like the idea. More so if the commits list could 
be modified to use this autotag as the subject for the empty emails, but 
that's another topic entirely.


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