Direction of Pidgin development

Joshua Honeycutt joshua.honeycutt at
Sun May 6 22:13:06 EDT 2007

On 5/5/07, Andrew Roeder <correnthean at> wrote:
> Personally the problem i'm seeing with the plugin system is that, Pidgin
> comes with a load of default plugins already, if they are going to always be
> distributed with even the source of pidgin, or packaged in its default
> installer, they might as well not be plugins, obviously they're important
> enough to be designed into Pidgin's preferences instead of thrown into the
> "plugins" section.
> My annoyance with the new "plugins" is that they're just cluttering up the
> plugins menu, when i go to plugins  I want to see modules loaded that I
> personally added of my own accord, not the default set of Pidgin options
> that should be located in preferences.

I think this is pretty valid in that they do introduce clutter.
Perhaps packagers could be encouraged to package some separately? This
probably isn't ideal for the packages hosted by Pidgin, but would be
doable for distributions.

> But I'm not going to argue that we should move everything back to
> preferences, rather maybe just plugins should be built with flags that
> concern what the plugin does, then loaded into appropriate categories under
> plugins such as: GUI Plugins, Chat Plugins, Away Plugins - you get the idea.
>   Then when people build their personal plugins that are not distributed
> with Pidgin, they may add the appropriate flag for it to load in the
> according category.

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