Conv windows position manager plugin

Mike Sartain mikesart at
Mon May 7 13:33:22 EDT 2007

On 5/7/07, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> This plugin is very popular:
> It remembers the position (and sizes?) of your conversation windows.  There
> might only be demand for it for Windows.

It can do size, among other things. Not sure how many people are
actually using the extra features some folks talked me into adding,
but they are there. You can read through the plugin page to get an
idea of what they were asking for. Here is a current screen shot as

>From what I've seen in the newsgroups, this window position problem
only exists on MS Windows so a decent bit of the code is Windows

> We should consider maybe shipping the plugin with Pidgin.  Or rolling the
> functionality directly into Pidgin.  It might only make sense for MS Windows.

You're obviously more than welcome to use any of the code from this
plugin for whatever you decide is best if you so desire. I would also
be happy to help, although I'm guessing most of this would be fairly
trivial for any of you - there really isn't much to this.

Thanks. Pidgin 2.0 looks great, btw.

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