Gaim automagically uninstalled?

scott_sauyet scott at
Tue May 8 10:16:55 EDT 2007

Daniel Atallah wrote:
>On 5/8/07, scott_sauyet <scott at> wrote:
>> I've had a few bizarre PC problems in the last few days, and the first
>> sign
>> of them was when GAIM disappeared on me.  Completely.  My profile was
>> still
>> there, but the program was gone.  Is there some magical uninstaller
>> related
>> to the lawsuit?
> This is actually not anything bizarre - new versions of Windows Gaim
> (and also Pidgin, with the exception of beta7 due to a bug) have
> always uninstalled the old version.

This happened out of the blue.  I didn't knowingly try to upgrade GAIM or
install Pidgin.  I'm used to GAIM just running in the system tray.  I went
to look for it to IM someone and it wasn't there.  So I went to the start
menu, and the program wasn't there.  I went to the program files directory,
and it was entirely gone.  But I'm pretty sure there was no instance of
Pidgin in its place.  Is there some automatic update that might have been

>> [ ... ] [T]here are two new issues that I can't see as related, but 
>> which started then:  [ ... ]
> I have no idea why this would be, but it isn't going to be related to
> Pidgin at all.

I expect you're right and that all these issues have some other common
cause.  I expect that GAIM's disappearance was simply the first visible
symptom of something gone seriously awry, but I had to ask just in case. 
Because I'm stumped as to what this might all be about.

Thanks for your help,

  -- Scott
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