Help reproducing a crash

Gabriel Schulhof nix at
Thu May 10 03:24:13 EDT 2007


I have managed to get Pidgin to crash, but I don't know how to reproduce
the circumstances. Maybe someone here with more experience can provide
me with a series of steps to reproduce the scenario.

This morning, when I logged into Pidgin from my Internet tablet, my MSN
account told me that my buddy list was out of sync, and would I like to
add buddy "Foo" to group "Bar" ? I said "No". Then it asked whether I
would like to add buddy "Foo" to group "Baz", and I said yes. It crashed

After restarting, it asked the same question, and I said "Yes" again.
This time, it ran for a while (20 seconds (?)), and then it crashed.

Since I like having Pidgin up and running, I logged onto the same
accounts from my desktop, and Pidgin neither complained about an
out-of-sync list, nor asked me to add buddy "Foo" to some group. I quit
Pidgin, ran it on the tablet again, and it was fine.

Was it such that the server needed updating ? 
Was it such that my buddy list needed updating ?
Is there a way I can recreate the situation whereby my buddy list is out
of sync with the server ? 

I run Pidgin 2.0.0 on my tablet (with some UI patches to make it fit on
the small screen).

I run an MTN version of Pidgin on the desktop (About says 2.0.1devel).

TIA for your help,


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