about the rotten press you give Slackware....

Anders Juel Jensen andersjjensen at gmail.com
Fri May 11 17:59:05 EDT 2007

I just read the rotten press you throw at Slackware on the Pidgin site, so..

I just want to point out to you guys that:

A: Broken Slackware installs is a user-error. Slackware documentation states 
that if you do not know which packages depend on what, please pick "full 
install"... *so it wont break*

B: The Slackware package system is just the way the slackware users like it: 
Simple and powerfull.. if you know what you are doing (which slackers tend to 

C: Slackware-current (current == what some distos call "unstable") actually 
contains Pidgin due to popular demand, just as the current stable release 
(11.0) contains Gaim, also due to its popularity and maturity.

D: Your personal views on Slackware/pkgtools is pretty much beyond the scope 
of the development of Pidgin, as it will never be you who have to compile the 
official Pidgin packages. That is job solely rests on the shoulders of the 
Lead Developer of Slackware.

Other then that? Keep up the good work! Pidgin is a much needed, and very 
usefull, app! :-)

Yours Sincerely
/Anders Juel Jensen

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