about the rotten press you give Slackware....

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Fri May 11 20:19:54 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 01:16 +0200, Anders Juel Jensen wrote:
> http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/WhyPackagesExist says:
> "We have no developers using Slack, and furthermore, several of us actively 
> dislike that distribution for its history of broken installs, as well as for 
> its non-existent package management. You cannot create true packages for 
> Slack. "

> I suggest something more along the lines of:
> "We have no developers using Slackware, and we do *not* support it, as the its 
> package system does not support automatic dependency resolution. We also do 
> not recommend that inexperienced new users attempt to compile from source on 
> Slackware. If you insist on trying this out yourself the only advise we can 
> give you is asking for help in ##slackware on irc.freenode.org, or the 
> Slackware mailing lists. Please do not bug us with it."

I've modified the page using your suggestion as a guide. I don't know if
the SSL problems are entirely solved or not, but the new wording should
be accurate either way. Please let me know if you have further edit

> And yes, Slackware 11.0 shipped with an unfortunate SSL bug. Sh*t happens to 
> everyone from time to time. It is fixed now, but I suspect that the same 
> users who bug you, are the same users who don't know how to apply the package 
> patches that gets released.

Other SSL problems relate to missing build deps, which we've already

> Now this I can relate to! If you will switch from officially disliking 
> Slackware to officially telling users to go elsewere (to us) for support, it 
> will be a win-win situation for everyone.

I agree for the most part. I'll start directing people to that channel
by name.


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