So long, and thanks for the insults.

Gwenhael LE MOINE gwenhael.le.moine at
Sat May 12 06:20:31 EDT 2007


you made a nice ChangeLog item :
"xap/pidgin-2.0.0-i486-2.tgz:  Here's a little excerpt from:
    "We have no developers using Slack, and furthermore, several of us
actively dislike that distribution for its history of broken installs,
as well as for its non-existant package management. You cannot create
true packages for Slack."
  Well, I'm somewhat shocked by this, having never (to my knowledge)
done anything to any of the former GAIM or Pidgin developers to make
them mad at me, Slackware, or anyone on the Slackware team.  I guess if
they feel it's not possible to make a "true" Pidgin package for
Slackware, there's no point in continuing to try.  Having put out 7
security advisories on GAIM, I'm quite sure there will be less work
here if Pidgin is not included. The Pidgin package has been moved to
the "unsupported" directory.  For the record, I do not actively dislike
Pidgin or any of their developers, but I do plan to use Kopete from now

So here's for insulting your users and there distro choice :
# removepkg pidgin-2.0.0-i486-2 

I was a gaim/pidgin user for a few years, I liked it. I've just switched
to Kopete today when I learnt that you don't want me and the fellow
slackers to use your software.

For the record gaim/pidgin has _always_ (for me) worked flawlessly on
Slackware. Every single release and cvs snapshot I compiled "by
hand" did so without a single hitch, ever. Maybe the "several of [you
that] actively dislike that distribution for its history of broken
installs" should just get a clue...

A disguted ex-user,
Gwenhael Le Moine

Carmel, New York, has an ordinance forbidding men to wear coats and
trousers that don't match.

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