Pidgin on (Nokia) internet tablets

Gabriel Schulhof nix at
Sat May 12 06:37:20 EDT 2007


As you (likely don't) remember, I'm working on a port of (now) Pidgin
for Internet tablets (so far, only Nokia N770 and Nokia N800)[1]. I have
created a bunch of patches motivated mainly by the small screen size on
these tablets, but also by some of the connectivity and sound setup
peculiarities. Nonetheless, some of these patches might be relevant to
Pidgin's mainline.

I have implemented the majority of the changes in a non-destructive way,

tablet-specific code/modifications here
#else /* ndef USE_HILDON */
original code
#endif /* def USE_HILDON */

where USE_HILDON is introduced as a C-preprocessor directive, as well as

While many of the patches are tablet-specific, here are a few highlights
from the patch-comments[2] which may have more general applicability:

 - Unify treatment of acount and protocol combo boxes by using a single
set of functions internally. Saves 40 lines of code \o/ [already track
ticket #196]

 - Add key press handler to smiley window to have it go away at

[for the items below, I can change the conditional from USE_HILDON to,
say, GTK_CHECK_VERSION (2,4,0)]
 - Removed argument GtkWidget *item from protocol and account combo
callbacks (never used) and updated all attached callbacks to the new
 - pidgin_prefs_dropdown_from_list implemented using GtkComboBox
 - Implement aop_option_menu (introduced in 000_trac000196) as

- If Purple is not the primary owner of its name, call PurpleBlistShow
via D-Bus, and _exit (0)

- Can't drag-and-drop onto Smiley Themes prefs page, so add "Add" button
above smiley themes tree view. Button calls purple_request_file and adds
the theme [while d-n-d may work on the desktop, having a non-d-n-d way
of adding smiley themes may still be helpful]

The patches documented in [2] are available for viewing from [3]. If you
find anything else among them that you think might be useful, please let
me know.

Thanks a lot for your help and input,


[1] <-- the name can't be helped



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