Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Sun May 13 19:18:12 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Eric Polino spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> well, i'll be working on the logging this summer.  i was wondering
>> what kind of string searching algo was used.  some of my project ideas
>> might require a more efficient algorithm depending on what is
>> implemented right now.
>> i am partly interested in implementing Thompson's regular expression
>> implementation.  so if the current string searching algo is really
>> simple, it could provide a nice opportunity to do so.
> You do *not* want to implement a regular expression engine.  Use
> regex(3) (which is POSIX), regexp(3), PCRE, or some similar
> implementation, instead; I realize that you have a link to
> pathological PCRE behavior, and I can't guarantee that the POSIX regex
> implementation is better on any given platform, but in the real world
> it won't matter.  The bugs in a custom-rolled regex implementation are
> sure to be more annoying.  ;-)

POSIX regex is not supported in Windows, so if you are planning to make
the implementation work with Win32, I think you'll need to depend on a
library like pcre, which we could bundle with Pidgin (or disable the
functionality in win32, as done in the debug window).


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