Request for help to modify buddy list window

Mathias Brodala info at
Mon May 14 15:48:13 EDT 2007

Hi Sean.

Sean Egan, 14.05.2007 20:51:
> On 5/13/07, Mathias Brodala <info at> wrote:
>> Since I never ever change my online status and use a buddy icon for my
>> account,
>> I would like to remove the widgets which provide these functionalities
>> from the
>> buddy list.
>> I tried digging through the code but since I don't know that much
>> about GTK I
>> wasn't able to find the place where these widgets are created and
>> activated.
>> (I actually think I did within gtkblist.c but don't know how to modify
>> the code.)
>> So, if you could spare a bit free time, I would appreciate your help.
> You should see sadrul's "mystatusbox" widget at

The last time I tried that one, it always killed my Gaim, now this doesn’t
happen anymore. But what it does right now is pretty stupid: it adds another
status selector and buddy icon. I can hide this one via the main menu (why not
in the plugin configuration dialogue? Weird.) but not the default one. Seems
like this plugin has not been updated to work with Pidin.

Regards, Mathias


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