Request for help to modify buddy list window

Mathias Brodala info at
Mon May 14 16:17:20 EDT 2007

Hi Sadrul.

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury, 14.05.2007 22:20:
> * Mathias Brodala had this to say on [14 May 2007, 22:04:45 +0200]:
>> Sean Egan, 14.05.2007 21:59:
>>> To
>>> my knowledge, his plugin does not do exactly what you want to do.
>> … it did the last time I used it (beta3). It was unstable but able to hide the
>> global selector and buddy icon. The "toggle …" entries in the main menu for
>> example have no function right now. That’s the debug output after toggling the
>> selector, the icon and showing "None":
>>> (22:03:13) prefs: purple_prefs_get_bool: Unknown pref /pidgin/gtk/gtk-plugin_pack-mystatusbox/iconsel
>>> (22:03:20) prefs: purple_prefs_get_bool: Unknown pref /pidgin/gtk/gtk-plugin_pack-mystatusbox/global
>>> (22:03:24) prefs: purple_prefs_get_int: Unknown pref /pidgin/gtk/blist/height
>>> (22:03:24) prefs: purple_prefs_get_bool: Unknown pref /pidgin/gtk/gtk-plugin_pack-mystatusbox/global
> There were a mistake in the preferences for the mystatusbox plugin. It
> has been fixed for next release.

Could you send the patch to me? (I actually was about to file a bug report right
now but saw your mail right on time.)

Regards, Mathias


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