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Hello Ethan,
argument on point 1 was that because distribution releases do not match
application releases, they clearly fail to meet user's expectations, I am
sure you will agree that building from source is not a reasonable process
for a regular desktop user.
I do understand your concerns. l will first validate with the official
package maintainers that the getdeb package will not be a problem on future
distribution upgrades, then I will email this list again, hopefully someone
will evaluate if it should be provided to Ubuntu users as an Official
I am providing regular updates, always using upstream sources and when
possible based on the official distribution package building rules.


2007/5/14, Ethan Blanton <elb at pidgin.im>:
> João Pinto spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > 2 - If you choose to ignore the 11K users which have downloaded until
> now,
> > then it is still working.
> I don't understand your argument -- have downloaded what, your
> package?  I'm glad that it's popular, if that's what you're saying.
> > If you tell me that I should first check with the distro maintainers or
> you
> > (gaim developers) to validate or improve the package quality I would
> agree
> > with you, it is a bit different from the "we don't care about your
> package"
> > that I felt on your answer.
> You are welcome to distribute the package yourself, but our position,
> as stated before, is that we do not accept third-party binary
> packages.  We can check (to some extent) each individual package, but
> this is not a scalable solution.  If you were to become involved with
> the Pidgin project and interact with us on a daily basis, we would of
> course revisit this position.  I hope you can understand why we cannot
> accept binary packages from just anyone on the Internet who professes
> to offer them.  You may be a swell guy (and I assume you are), and you
> may not be doing anything to adulterate the packages, but we have no
> way of knowing that.
> (Let me make it clear that the package adulteration which has gone on
> in the past has, to my knowledge, never been malicious.)
> We are not trying to be unreasonable here, but when you have tens of
> thousands of downloads *per day*, as we do, you have to have some idea
> of precisely what is going out in those downloads.  We achieve this by
> shipping only un-patched binaries from release versions, and providing
> these packages only for those systems for which a developer or regular
> contributor can produce binaries.
> Ethan
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