2.0.1 String Freeze

Nathan Walp nwalp at pidgin.im
Thu May 17 16:44:35 EDT 2007

Luke Schierer wrote:
> An early warning, we are now 2 weeks into our 3 week cycle.  Please look
> at the bugs that are marked for 2.0.1, and those that have no milestone.
> If there are any strings that need to be changed, please do so ASAP, so
> that we can string freeze on Sunday, providing the rest of the week for
> translators.
> Nathan, can you see to it that l10n ends up in /home/var/l10n/
> Daniel, once he's done that, can you add that to d.p.i please?

I've updated my local cron stuff to dump there for now (and re-ran it). 
  Later on we can look into doing this on homing instead.

Daniel, add it to d.p.i at your leisure.


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